Possessing an expressive sound and an agile command of the instrument, Australian guitarist James Wengrow (now residing in Brooklyn) is a promising emerging artist in the improvised music and contemporary jazz idioms. His two main projects include Kinsmen and Strangers (featuring Jon Crompton and Mike Alfieri) and the James Wengrow Lidless Quartet (featuring Anna Webber, Adam Hopkins, and Nathan Ellman-Bell). He is also a teacher at NYC Guitar School.


James began performing at the age of 14 in his hometown (Gold Coast, Australia) with the city's established jazz musicians before relocating to the neighboring city of Brisbane in 2008, and then to Melbourne in late 2011. During this time, James played with some of the country’s leading jazz and improvised music practitioners including Joseph O’Connor, Scott McConnachie, Julien Wilson, Elliott Dalgleish’s ‘Mute Canary Project’, Allan Browne, Steve Newcomb and the ‘West End Composers Collective’. Since June 2013, James has been performing, teaching and studying in New York City. 


During the course of his studies at the Purchase College State University of New York, the Victorian College of Arts and at the Queensland Conservatorium, James’ teachers have included acclaimed musicians and composers Vic Juris, John Abercrombie, Timothy Albright, Jon Faddis, James Sherlock and Marc Hannaford. James’ playing and compositional style draw upon an eclectic array of influences ranging from classic and contemporary jazz, rock/pop, metal, improvised music, contemporary classical and electronic music. His culminating synthesis of these sources of stylistic inspiration, along with his own idiosyncrasies and playing style, gives James a distinct and modern aesthetic.